TFC Remembers the Flood

On November 6, 1977, at 1:30 a.m., a wedge-shaped wall of water poured down the creek and shot over Toccoa Falls, tumbling huge boulders and tree trunks before it. The earthen dam above Toccoa Falls burst and sent a 30-foot wall of water rushing across the Toccoa Falls College campus, killing at least 39 people.  Today, we remember those who lost their lives in the flood. May our God of peace and comfort continue to be with those who lost loved ones in this horrific tragedy.

Karen Delorme Anderson
Joseph Richard “Joey” Anderson
Rebecca Lynn Anderson
Gerald Robert “Jerry” Brittin
William L. “Bill” Ehrensberger
Peggy Ann Ehrensberger
Robert “Robbie” Ehrensberger
Kristen Ehrensberger
Kenny Wayne Ehrensberger
David Charles Fledderjohann
Mary Jo Ann Ginther
Nancy Ginther
Brenda Ginther
Rhonda Ginther
Tracy Ginther
Cary E. “Cory” Hanna
Tiep “Tia” Kongsook Harner
Robbie Lek Harner
Christopher Lee Kemp
Cassandra Jessop Metzger
Dirksen Lee Metzger
Ruth Ann Porter Moore
Jeremiah Michael Moore
Edward Earl Pepsny
Carol Secunda Pepsny
Paul Edward Pepsny
Bonnie Lynn Pepsny
Eloise Joanna Pinney
Monroe J. Rupp
Dr. Jerry Lynn Sproull
Melissa Janet Sproull
Jocelyn Judith Sproull
Joanna Mignon Sproull
Richard James Swires
Jaimee Suzanne Veer
Mary H. N. “Aunt Mary” Williams
Paul I. “Uncle Paul” Williams
Betty Jean Walls Woerner
Deborah Susan Woerner