Teacher Ed
What We Believe

Becoming a classroom teacher has never been more important to our society. Qualified teachers for the future are in strong demand. Christian teachers passionate about their faith need to permeate school campuses demonstrating knowledge, strong teaching skills, and biblical character that will engage their culture.

The Teacher Education Department exists to prepare Christian students to be classroom teachers that emulate biblical thinking, competence in a chosen content field, and excellent teaching skills. This preparation process dynamically integrates faith and learning through curricular, field-based experiences, and character development.

Because seeing children succeed educationally is the focus of the 21st century classroom, we believe teachers are the most important ingredient in that context because they serve as a catalyst within the learning environment. Teachers’ attitudes saturate ALL that goes on in the learning setting. Therefore, the molding of teachers as a whole person is paramount in our Teacher Education Program. We have high expectations of growth and maturity – spiritually, socially, emotionally, and academically.