Professional Partnerships and Accreditation

Professional Partnerships (Local Partnerships)

The Teacher Education Department has a dynamic working relationship with the local public school system and with other school systems within the area. Our students are in demand locally as substitute teachers, tutoring, mentoring, and participation in after-school programs and in-school programs like America Reads.

Professional Accreditation (Our State of Georgia Partnership)

The Teacher Education Department at Toccoa Falls College has been approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Therefore upon graduation, with the successful completion of requirements and course and the passing of the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) test, our graduates are fully certified in the state of Georgia. Georgia is involved in an Interstate Agreement with 40+ other states that recognize the Georgia teacher certification.

Professional Associations


The purpose of the Georgia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education is to provide, through professional organization and cooperation, for the continuous promotion of ideas and practices which are most effective in the education of professional school personnel in the state of Georgia. Members include colleges/universities in the public and private sectors of the State of Georgia who are engaged in the preparation of teacher educators.


The purpose for the Georgia Association of Independent Colleges for Teacher Education is to provide a communication and information system for sharing of concerns, issues, and viewpoints in teacher education as they pertain to Georgia. Also, GAICTE exists to be an effective voice in state level matters, and to cooperate with organizations within the State of Georgia and nationally to deliver quality teacher education. Members include colleges and universities which have state approved teacher education programs and are private in ownership.


American Association for Employment in Education is an organization to assist with providing opportunities for training, networking, and exchanging information for the recruitment, employment, and retention of excellent educators. They gather, organize and disseminate information concerning the current educational marketplace. The association is also establishing and promoting ethical standards and practices in the employment of educators.

Interaction International

Is an organization whose purpose is to be a catalyst and a resource working cooperatively in the development of programs, services and publications to provide and contribute to an on-going flow of care that meets the needs of Third Culture Kids* (TCKs) and internationally mobile families. As one service Interaction has uniquely created CCTECC (Christian College Teacher Education Coordinating Committee) to assist with the placement of teacher education students for overseas student teaching.