Middle Grades Education Major

Middle Grades Education

No longer children. Certainly not yet adults. They’re riding the wave of physical, mental and
relational changes and need you to help them figure it out. Being a part of students’ lives as
they navigate one of the more exciting periods of life is a privilege. As they begin to appreciate
abstract thinking and processing it takes special gifts and talents to guide and challenge them.
Helping middle school students grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually into young men
and women is a great responsibility and a tremendous honor. If you are called to teach this age
group, the challenges may be great, but the rewards will be even greater!

The Middle Grades Education major leads to certification in grades 4-8 with specific fields
of emphasis. The program informs teacher candidates concerning the unique Middle School
concept designed to meet the needs of the developing adolescent. Each candidate in this
program declares two areas of concentration from the four general areas offered: language
arts, social studies, math, and science. Fifteen hours in each area of concentration are required
in addition to methodology classes and practical application involvement.

** Please note: This program description is for students entering Toccoa Falls College in the 2012-2013 catalog year.


BIBLE & THEOLOGY – 30 hours

BIB 213 Hermeneutics
BSF 103 Foundations of Spiritual Formation
NTE 103 Introduction to the New Testament
NTE ___ New Testament Elective
OTE 103 Introduction to the Old Testament
OTE ___ Old Testament Elective
SYT 303 Introduction to Theology
3 hours Theology Elective from SYT or THE
6 hours of Bible/Theology Electives from BIB, BMI, GRK 333, 343, HEB 223, 333, 343, NTE, OTE, SYT, THE or approved integrative courses

HUMANITIES – 15 hours

ENG 113 Freshman Composition I
ENG 123 Freshman Composition II
ENG 393 Grammar for Teachers
HUM 103 Western Thought & Culture
3 hours 200- or 300-level Literature Elective from AML 213, 223, ENG 203,213,223


PSY 243 Developmental Psychology
PSY 323X Educational Psychology
History Elective 3 hours History Elective


CSC 303 Technology for Teachers
MAT 113 General College Math or equivalent
3 hours Science Elective from BIO 104, 114, 125, SCI 113, 243

MAJOR – 55 hours

Education Core -43 hours

EDM 273 The Middle School Teacher
EDM 300 Content Literacy Field Experience
EDM 313 Math & Science Methods: MG or
EDM 383 Social Studies & Language Arts Methods: MG
EDM 353 Reading & Writing in the Content Area: MG/SEC
EDM 363 Young Adult Literature
EDM 423 Curriculum Assessment
EDM 433 Philosophy of Classroom Management: A Practical Theology*
EDU 111 Teacher Education Orientation
EDU 133 Foundations & Trends in Education
EDU 211 PTO Field Experience I
EDU 221 PTO Field Experience II
EDU 311 Education Seminar
EDU 422 Professional Integration
EDU 453 The Exceptional Child
EDU 4110 Teaching Practicum
YTH 363 Youth Culture & Issues


3 hours Elective from any ANT, GHY, HIS, POL
2 hours Open Electives


Middle Grades majors will preferentially choose one of the two tracks of Language Arts & Social Sciences or Mathematics & Science. But students may also choose two tracks in a variety of combinations.

Language Arts – 15 hours

AML ___ American Literature Elective
ENG 393 Grammar for Teachers
ENG 213 World Literature II
EDM 363 Young Adult Literature
ENG 383 Advanced Composition

Social Science – 15 hours

GHY 213 World Geography
HIS 223 Twentieth Century World History
HIS 233 History of the United States I
HIS 243 History of the United States II
POL 213 American Government

Mathematics – 15 hours

MAT 123 Mathematics for Teachers
MAT 133 College Algebra
MAT 263 College Trigonometry
MAT 313 College Geometry
MAT 323 Elements of Calculus

Science – 15 hours

BIO 114 Biology I
BIO 124 Biology II
CHM 214 Chemistry I
SCI 243 Earth Science

TOTAL = 126 hours