Early Childhood Education Major

Is Teaching a Calling?

In the Teacher Education Department at Toccoa Falls College, we believe that the profession of education truly IS a calling.  In our program, you are equipped to be servant leaders in today’s classrooms – serving students, parents, colleagues, administrators and the community.  Our aim is to prepare prospective teachers to serve in private, public and overseas school classrooms.

One of our greatest resources in TFC’s Early Childhood Program is our highly qualified and dedicated faculty.  We begin from our own spiritual roots and our own professional experience and expertise in teaching P-5 classrooms to assist prospective teachers in developing the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to be effective educators in the 21st century.  The Christian worldview is integrated into each of the courses offered to prepare early childhood teachers to make a positive contribution to our changing society and world.

Why is the Early Childhood Program at Toccoa Falls College the right fit for me?

The Early Childhood program offers optimum field experiences throughout a teacher candidate’s course of study that allow for a variety of experiences in the different levels of Elementary Education grades P-5.  Through these field experiences, there are many opportunities to experience and practice implementing the various technologies in the classroom.

We also offer a Reading Endorsement upon certification in the state of Georgia that includes the interstate agreement.  For two additional courses, our teacher candidates can also earn the highly recommended ESOL Endorsement that most districts favor when considering hiring potential teachers. This endorsement prepares teacher candidates to function as a classroom teacher equipped to work with English Language Learners.  This endorsement broadens the classroom teaching possibilities to include ESOL teacher.

The Early Childhood program offers classes that are small, allowing instructors to give more quality, individual attention to each student.  Upon completion of the program, teacher candidates receive their initial certification for the state of Georgia, preparing them for the upcoming expected job openings projected nationally.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job openings for school teachers are expected to increase by 12 percent between 2006 and 2016.  This could potentially create 479,000 additional teaching positions nationally.  In our Early Childhood Program, we prepare students for these positions, whether your desire is to teach in public or private schools or overseas.

** Please note: This program description is for students entering Toccoa Falls College in the 2012-2013 catalog year.


 BIBLE & THEOLOGY – 30 hours

BIB 213 Hermeneutics
BSF 103 Foundations of Spiritual Formation
NTE 103 Introduction to the New Testament
NTE ___ New Testament Elective
OTE 103 Introduction to the Old Testament
OTE ___ Old Testament Elective
SYT 303 Introduction to Theology
3 hours Theology Elective from SYT or THE
6 hours of Bible/Theology Electives from BIB, BMI, GRK 333, 343, HEB 223, 333, 343, NTE, OTE, SYT, THE or approved integrative courses

HUMANITIES – 15 hours

ENG 113 Freshman Composition I
ENG 123 Freshman Composition II
ENG 393 Grammar for Teachers
HUM 103 Western Thought & Culture
3 hours 200- or 300-level Literature Elective from AML or ENG


ANT 203 Cultural Anthropology
PSY 243 Developmental Psychology
PSY 323X Educational Psychology
History Elective 3 hours 200-level History Elective1
1HIS 223 Twentieth Century World History is strongly recommended for GACE II.


BIO 104 General Biology
CSC 303 Technology for Teachers
MAT 113 General College Math or equivalent
MAT 123 Math for Teachers
SCI 243 Earth Science

MAJOR – 55 hours

EDC 253 Introduction to Reading Methods
EDC 263 Creative & Fine Arts
EDC 273 Early Childhood Methods
EDC 300 Content Literacy Field Experience
EDC 313 Math & Science Methods: EC
EDC 353 Reading & Writing in the Content Area: EC
EDC 363 Children’s Literature
EDC 373 Health & PE Methods: EC
EDC 383 Social Studies & Language Arts Methods: EC
EDC 423 Curriculum & Assessment
EDC 433 Phil. of Classroom Management: A Pract. Theology*
EDC 453 Reading Diagnosis & Remediation
EDU 111 Teacher Education Orientation
EDU 133 Foundations & Trends in Education
EDU 211 PTO Field Experience I
EDU 221 PTO Field Experience II
EDU 311 Education Seminar
EDU 422 Professional Integration
EDU 453 The Exceptional Child
EDU 4110 Teaching Practicum


ESL 313 Introduction to TESOL is highly recommended

TOTAL = 128 hours