Featured Testimonies


Kenny and Lynda Irwin are a neat couple who love God and have been giving many years to help Toccoa Falls in its ministry to students. This is really a testimony about how God uses several things to bring together needs and stewards.

Kenny is a former US Navy submariner and now works to refuel these powerful ships. Lynda is a financial counselor using the principles you can hear every weekday on WRAF – Toccoa Falls Radio with Crown Financial Services. She helps to counsel people on how they can use biblical stewardship principles to live better lives, be more productive, and be obedient in their giving as well.

When I met them near their home in Portsmouth, Virginia, they told me that neither of them had been to TFC, didn’t know anyone who had ever been to TFC, and were not part of a church that regularly worked with TFC. Everyone who is a part of the Toccoa Falls family has what I call a TFC story, even the Irwins.

Some years ago they were camping near the campus at Camp Tugalo. They wanted to listen to Christian radio and as they went through the dial they found 90.9, WRAF. As they listened, the president of the college (and they do not remember which one) was asking for listeners to help with the Annual Scholarship Fund and give at least $25 per month. The Irwins were touched by his plea, made it a matter of prayer, and decided that this was God’s will for them. They began that year to give $25 per month and they gave it consistently. Today, they give more than $25 per month, but they remain consistent in their support of the college.

Thank you, Kenny and Lynda, for being a testimony to God’s stewardship principles in your lives, for answering God’s call to support the ministry of the college, and for being a blessing in many of our lives.

You can join the Irwins in their consistent commitment to Toccoa Falls College by giving small or large amounts regularly to the Annual Scholarship Fund. In that way TFC is empowered to continue its commitment to helping as many students as possible discover God’s purpose in their lives and prepare for their future. You can give online or email to find out how you can give.


A young lady came to Toccoa Falls College to earn a degree in Teacher Education. She came to Toccoa in 2002 from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to fulfill a long-time dream to study in America with only $5,000. God moved on the hearts of alumni and friends of the college to give to the Annual Fund so students like her could complete four years of education. This is her story:

During my junior year I didn’t have enough money for tuition, so I packed to return to Brazil. President Gardner called me into his office to tell me there was a scholarship for me. I was able to finish with a $0.00 balance.

In my senior year I began to reflect on how it was possible that I made it that far with no impending debt and realized it was because of faithful friends who gave to the Annual Fund as well as the affordable tuition at Toccoa Falls. I finally stopped trying to calculate where all the money came from and learned to simply say thank you’ both to God and to those who donated so faithfully to TFC.

I learned that my blessings are beyond the financial help I received. Each person who gave to Toccoa Falls College helped to equip me for service to Him. I decided to show my thanks by giving back to God through the ministry of Toccoa Falls College when I land my first job. Even if I am unable to do much I know a little goes a long way when God is in it. This is one grateful student who was blessed by God through the generous donations of alumni and friends of the college.

C. Nascimento, Sao Paulo, Brazil

You make a difference when you partner with us through your prayers, through volunteering your time and talent on campus and with students, and through your financial support. I challenge you to follow in Carol’s footsteps with a Faith promise to the Toccoa Falls College Annual Fund. Gifts can be made online here.

Editor’s Note: Carol has faithfully contributed each month to the Annual Fund since August 2007 upon receiving her first paycheck. She has kept her faith promise to Toccoa Falls College.


A young lady from Ohio has been the recipient of scholarship funds since she came here as a freshman. When she learned that the source of tuition assistance of scholarships came from alumni and donors, she was overwhelmed.

I am amazed that people who do not know me help make it possible for me to get an education through their gifts to Toccoa Falls College. I learned, too, that many donors are those who attended the college  I guess they were in my situation at one time and understand how difficult it is to study and work when there’s no one at home to help financially. I am so grateful to God for each of them and for their support to TFC.

L. Giesige, Ohio

This young lady works in the Advancement Office, calling alumni and donors to thank them for their prayers and financial support and to encourage them to continue in that ministry of giving. Recently we received a letter from an alumni couple about their phone conversation with her:

We are writing to express our appreciation for a recent phone conversation we had with Miss Giesige who called to express her appreciation for our support of the school and the Scholarship Fund. Though we have not met her  she could not have been more kind and refreshing. Just to have a student call, with the joy of the Lord in her voice, to personally say thank you was more than expected. Such an effort is an asset for continued support. This was truly a Toccoa Falls experience we shall not soon forget. We will always remember two things she shared with us:

I would not be here without the Scholarship Fund.

May I pray with you about some special need?

Please convey to her that our hearts were warmed by her thoughtfulness, and add this check to the Scholarship Fund for the benefit of such grateful students. We are reminded each day that these are difficult times, but there is no time too difficult to diminish our support for the students of Toccoa Falls College.

B. and B. Ford (1955)