Lower floor of Fant Hall.
Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
706-886-7299,  x5304

Student Health Services

Student Health Services is your go to location on campus to receive guidance on physical ailments and advice on living a healthy lifestyle.  Services include consultations, wellness plans, and assistance in scheduling appointments with local physicians.  Over the counter medications and First Aid supplies are available in Student Health Services.  Student Health Services does not fulfill prescription medication needs.  If an on campus student has a medical need outside of regular office hours, he/she should contact the Resident Assistant or Resident Director on call.  In cases of emergency, students should seek emergency services off campus or call 911. 


Marcia Walker, RN.  |  Director
Marcia has 16 years of college nursing experience and a 15 year missions background. She works closely with the Resident Directors and Assistants in attempting to meet the needs of resident students when either injured or sick.

Forms and Information
TFC Medical Form:  Incoming students should complete this form as a part of the enrollment process.