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Meet the Team

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to growing and engaging students outside of the classroom.  We encourage self exploration and to thoughtfully embrace differences.  We strive to make our communities better and live in a manner that is characterized by mutual respect and civility.  Helping students feel supported and cared for are hallmarks in each one of our Departments.  We also hope to laugh and be authentic so that our students feel comfortable to do so also. 

Student life at TFC is filled with opportunities to get involved, develop a sense of independence and resiliency, and live with others from different backgrounds as well as those who share a common purpose. 

The Division of Student Affairs invites all students to get involved and make a positive impact in the world around them.  We're here to help you do just that.

Home sweet home

TFC will be your home away from home for the next 4 years. Rest assured, the Housing and Residence Life staff will be there when you need them.


Career Center

The Career Development Center serves students and alumni with their vocational and career learning. 

Let's Eat!

TFC Culinary provides a choice of delicious meals through the campus cafeteria and the Eagles Nest grill. 

leadership and service 

Leadership is a key component to student development at TFC. Service to others and the community shapes the outlook and vision of strong leaders. Through various clubs and organizations, students challenge each other to be better; to think differently; to lead by example; and most important: change the world through servant leadership.

Leadership and Service Opportunities


Get involved

Getting involved at TFC is easy and provides an abundance of opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and connect with others.  Whether it's in one of our many student organizations, athletics, residence life, academic affairs, or the Toccoa community, there truly is something for everyone!  Get connected and let us know how we can help.

Intramural Sports
Student Clubs and Organizations




Student Safety and Care

We understand when you choose to attend TFC, your safety and security is a concern. It is important to our community that student safety is a priority.  Keeping our community and students safe are critical to a well functioning environment that excels in mutual respect, care, and accountability.  

Student and Campus Safety Information


Student Wellness

The Student Wellness Center houses both Student Health Services and Student Counseling Services.  While separate departments, both strive to work collaboratively for the physical and mental wellness of TFC students. Wellness is a hallmark of successful, informed, and responsive college students.  It is our desire to help all of our students achieve wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Student Health Services
Student Counseling Center