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Again this fall we have an exciting  opportunity concerning our textbooks sales. You will no longer purchase your books at the TFC Bookstore. We have taken the textbook portion of the bookstore online, and we believe this will end up being a time saver for you. Plus, it should offer financial savings, too.

After much consideration, we made the decision to partner with MBS Direct beginning in the Fall 2011 semester. This company was selected because of its established track record and excellent customer satisfaction. We also believe MBS will offer a good value for you and ensure that you have the correct materials you need for each class with no hidden costs.

MBS Direct has made a commitment to work hand-in-hand with our faculty and students in this transition phase and also throughout the school year. Each semester, MBS will provide additional discounts on school supplies for the faculty and staff, and they also offer a Customer Loyalty Program that increases the amount you receive when selling back a text book. It is really a “Win, Win” situation for each one of us.

A few of the other benefits you will receive are:

  • The nation's largest inventory of used books for cost savings
  • All books shipped in a timely manner (3-5 days normally) with special or late shipping available
  • Multiple payment options including financial aid vouchers
  • 100% return policy
  • Course materials must be returned within two weeks after class start date or within 21 days of date shipped, whichever is later.
  • Strong buy back programs 

·         Excellent, U.S. based customer service by phone or email

We look forward to another exciting semester at TFC and encourage you to take advantage of the benefits provided by our online bookstore which will be open the first week of August.

Buyback services are provided by MBS Service Company (MBS).



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