Spiritual formation FAQ

What are my options for earning spiritual formation credits?

     · Students earn spiritual formation credits by attending Grace Worship Experiences.

o   Weekly Tuesday and Wednesday

o   Periodic Monday department, school, and special experiences

o   Periodic Evening worship experiences for special events and conferences

     · Students earn spiritual formation credits by participating in a weekly (typically on Thursdays at          10am) Barnabas Group with an approved Barnabas Group leader.

     · Students earn spiritual formation credits by participating in the Student Mission Fellowship                  (SMF) on Wednesday nights in WM 104 at 6:30pm.

     · Students earn spiritual formation credits by participating in the Hmong Student Association                (HSA) on Tuesday evenings and held at various locations and times.

     · Students earn spiritual formation credits by developing a relationship with an                                      approved Mentor for the purpose of Christian formation.

o   Students are responsible for Obtaining, Completing, and Submitting a mentor proposal form from/to the Director of Spiritual Formation (DSF).

o   Students are required to choose an approved mentor as determined by the DSF.

o   Students receive 1 spiritual formation credit for participating in a mentoring session (typically 1 hour), and can earn up to a total of 5 spiritual formation credits in a given semester.

o   Students are required to pursue a mentoring relationship that focuses on the spiritual formation. A student’s semester plan for formation should be broadly delineated in statement form and approved by the DSF prior to the initial mentoring session.

o   Students, at the conclusion of the semester, are required to submit a one-page, single-spaced, reflection report on the mentoring experience with an eye toward meeting the objectives of the original formation plan. This report requires the signature of student and mentor.

     · Students can watch up to five Online Worship Experiences and write a one page, double-                spaced summary that reflects on the theme, content, and formative aspects of the entirety of            the worship experience.

o   Students can access video footage of Grace Worship Experiences online here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqEBLgorwv9GK3uEaps0eZw). 

o   For each summary reflection submitted from the current semester, students receive one spiritual formation credit, and can earn up to a total of 5 spiritual formation credits in a given semester.


How do I receive spiritual formation credit for attending spiritual formation events?

     · Students are required to scan their student identification cards to receive a credit for Grace              Worship Experiences on one of six scanners provided at the entrances to Grace Chapel.

     · Students registered in a Barnabas Group receive a spiritual formation credit from their                      Barnabas Group leader for participation in a group meeting. Students seeking credit for these          events are expected to be in attendance for the full extent of the meeting.

     · Students are required to Sign In to receive spiritual formation credit for attending Student                  Mission Fellowship meeting and the Hmong Student Association meeting. Students seeking          credit for these events are expected to be in attendance for the full extent of the meeting.

     · Students participating in a Mentoring relationship – one approved by the Office of Spiritual              Formation – is required to submit an attendance and evaluation report for review to                            cstratton@tfc.edu, signed by the mentor, by no later than Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

     · Students are not encouraged, but are permitted to watch an Online Worship                                      Experiences (current semester), write a one-page (double-spaced) summary reflection, and              submit summaries for review to cstratton@tfc.edu by no later than Wednesday, May 3, 2017.


How many spiritual formation credits am I required to earn over the course of a given semester?

     · Students on campus are required to earn 30 spiritual formation credits during a given semester.

     · Students who reside off-campus (commuters) are required to earn 30 spiritual formation credits        during a given semester.

     · Students who are significantly involved in formative ministry in a local church setting are invited        to work with the OSF in co-creating a project that may satisfy a portion of the requirement to            earn spiritual formation credits during the semester. Such project proposals must be developed        in conjunction with the DSF and approved within the first 30 days of a given semester.


What happens if I do not earn 30 spiritual formation credits during the semester?

     · Students who fail to earn 30 spiritual formation credits by the end of the semester will be                    subject to a $20 fine for each credit under the required amount.                                                          (e.g., 25/30 credits – 5 X $20 = $100).

     · Chapel fines are assessed at the conclusion of each semester and must be paid in full before            resuming classes the following semester.


What if I need assistance during a worship experience?

     · Students leaders, who carry the title of Ambassadors of Grace (AoG), are available to serve you        before, during, and at the conclusion of the worship experience.

      · AoGs are located at the chapel entrances/exits, either in the lobby area prior to chapel and               inside the chapel during the worship experience.


What if I am late to the worship experience?

     · Students are responsible for arriving to the worship experience on time.

     · Chapel scanners are scheduled to record student identification cards beginning 15 minutes                prior to the worship experience and up to 10 minutes following the beginning of the experience.


What if I leave chapel early?

     · Students are expected to participate in the chapel experience from start to finish.

     · Students who scan identification cards after the 10-minute mark will not receive a spiritual                  formation credit for the day.

     · Students who leave chapel (for reasons other than utilizing the restroom facilities) prior to its              conclusion must sign out with an Ambassador of Grace (AoG) and will not receive credit for that        day, unless approval has been granted in advance by the DSF.


What if I attended a worship experience on a given day, but I was not credited for my attendance in my.tfc.edu?

     · Students are strongly encouraged to monitor their record of worship participation                              on a weekly basis.

     · Students are responsible to contact the OSF if they did not receive credit for a worship                      experience they attended.

     · Students must submit a written request (spiritualformation@tfc.edu) that provides their full name,        their student identification number, and the unaccounted-for date.

     · Students are responsible to report this discrepancy by no later than three weeks from the                  unaccounted date.


How do I monitor my total number of spiritual formation credits?

     · Students can monitor the number of spiritual formation credits earned at any given time                      throughout the semester by accessing my.tfc.edu (cf. mySpiritual Formation Credit).


What if my student identification card is not scanning properly or my spiritual formation credits are regularly not appearing in my account?

     · Students having trouble scanning id cards should request assistance from an Ambassador of            Grace (AoG) stationed at the entrances/exits to Grace Chapel.

     · Students will find that the optimal scanning technique is to place the coding of your id card                approximately two inches below the red light under the scanner box long enough to hear a              “beeping” sound. This sound confirms that the id card was recorded in the system.

     · Students who experience persistent problems related to scanning id cards should stop by the          OSF to assess if the id card is in good working order, or defective, and should be replaced.


What if I have a question about spiritual formation or spiritual formation credits?

     · Students are welcome to contact spiritualformation@tfc.edu or cstratton@tfc.edu with any                  request, question, or concern.

     · Students are welcome to visit the Office of Spiritual Formation and pursue any request,                      question, or concern in person.

     · Students can receive information and assistance with tracking spiritual formation credits with              an Ambassador of Grace (AoG) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 to 9:45am.


Although they do not qualify for SFCs, students are encouraged to maintain an ongoing practice of personal disciplines that nurture Christian formation (e.g., solitude, prayer, the study of Scripture, mission/evangelism, etc.). Students are encouraged to take advantage of sacred spaces set aside for personal and corporate times of prayer, reflection, and encouragement in residence halls, the beautiful outdoors, and the TFC Prayer Room. Furthermore, Christian formation requires participation in a local faith community. It is the expectation at TFC that all faculty, staff, and students attend, participate, and contribute to the life of a local Christian congregation of their choosing.