Spiritual Formation Credits

One of the many changes to spiritual formation this year has been the replacement of Chapel Credits with Spiritual Formation Credits or SFC’s. The major difference is you get to choose how to spend your credits. Every student will have 30 credits to spend. Below is a list of ways they can be used.

Weekly Events

Corporate Worship

  • Chapel will now be held twice a week (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Monday chapels will be reserved for department, school and other special chapel services
  • Special event and evening chapels
  • Annual Conferences/Emphasis Weeks

Prayer ministry

  • Held weekly in the prayer room

SMF (Student Mission Fellowship)

  • Held weekly in WM104 Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM

Barnabas Groups

Other Events

Breaking Free Events
HSF (Hmong Student Fellowship)
SLC hosted spiritual life activities

Personal Development

On-on-One Staff/Faculty Mentoring

  • Find a member of staff or faculty for one on one mentoring for personal and spiritual development.
  • Have them email spiritual formation for credit.

On-Campus Counseling

  • The school offers free counseling to students.
  • You will need to authorize them to email spiritual formation for credit.

If you have any questions please contact spiritualformation@tfc.edu