Directory: Faculty
Last Name First Name Title Email Extension MSC
Atkinson Harley Professor of Ministry and Leadership 5365 734
Bailey Gina Associate Professor of Communication 5272 125
Brock Dottie Associate Professor of Counseling 5496 134
Burris Kevin Associate Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages 5353 778
Clay Nathan Assistant Professor of Business Administration 5478 815
Clements Kieran Dean, School of Arts & Sciences; Professor of Natural Sciences 5270 758
Council Tom Dean, School of Professional Studies; Professor of choral music 5260 847
Crosby Jarvis Chair, World Missions Dept.; Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies and TESOL 5363 816
Elkins Gary Professor of Philosophy 5290 807
Gardner Donna Chair, Teacher Education Department; Professor of Teacher Education 5316 875
Garside Dale Professor of French and Spanish 5282 807
Gibson Chris Assistant Professor of Counseling and Psychology 5427 134
Griffin Joyce Assistant Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies & World Religions 5398 816
Hildenbrand Michael Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew 5487 778
Hoffman Ruth Assistant Professor of Mathematics 5466 134
Howard Philip Interim Chair, Dept. of Ministry & Leadership; Professor of Ministry and Leadership 5249 734
Huizing Russell Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry 5434 734
Hunnicutt Charles Chair, Business Administration Department;Assistant Professor of Business Administration 5485 815
Jalovick David Associate Professor of History 5256 772
Jones David Chair, Music Department; Assistant Professor of Voice 5416 847
Juncker Gunther Professor of New Testament & Greek 5486 778
Lee You Ju Associate Professor of Piano 5341 847
Lightfoot Kristina Assistant Professor of Teacher Education 5338 875
Masters Rick Assistant Professor of Outdoor Leadership 1235 734
Morden James Assistant Professor of Music & Trumpet 5265 847
Morgan Jonathan Assistant Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology 5264 778
Murphree Mark Chair, Humanities and Natural Sciences Dept.; Assistant Professor of English 5226 807
Natale Micah Assistant Professor of Sport Management   815
Penland Jon Dean, School of Christian Ministries; Professor of Cross-cultural Studies and Anthropology 5469 816
Quarterman William Chair, Counseling Department; Professor of Psychology and Counseling 5286 134
Royal Crista Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences 5255 758
Ryan Carrie Assistant Professor of Teacher Education 5245 875
Schaeffer Don International Worker In Residence 5253 816
Smith Fred Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies 5424 816
Shorthill Berkeley Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics 5480 758
Thomas Alisa Assistant Professor of English 5336 807
Vena Chris Bible and Theology Dept. Chair; Associate Professor of Systematic Theology 5279 778
Vickers Brenna Assistant Professor of Counseling 5303 134
Wanner Curt Chair, Communication Department; Assistant Professor of Communication 5308 125
Williams Donald R.A. Forrest Scholar; Professor of English 5213 807
Yang Alina Assistant Professor of Teacher Education 5317 785