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We offer a distinct Christian Outdoor Education program in the foothills of Northeast Georgia. The campus located on 1100 acres, boasts of hills, streams, waterfalls (large and small), rock outcroppings, mountain laurel groves, beautiful flora and fauna. It is the perfect place for an outdoor program, with several national forests, whitewater rivers, mountains, and lakes within 30 minutes to an hour from the college. This is our backyard setting for many of the programs, adventures and trips within the OLE program.

The B.S. in OLE combines adventure, wilderness, camping, and environmental education into one unique program of study. Students will be able to research, design and carry-out outdoor education programs that will be safe, challenging and rewarding. Classes are taught in a distinctively Christian context, with an emphasis on integrating a Biblical worldview into classes and experiences.


A Challenging Environment
Toccoa Falls College is located in an ideal setting for outdoor education. It has an abundance of rivers, mountains, lakes, and wilderness areas within 30 minutes to an hour away. Mount Yonah and Currahee Mountain offer splendid rock climbing, the Chattooga and Nantahala Rivers present great whitewater opportunities, and hiking/backpacking trails are numerous with the Appalachian Trail and the Bartram Trail nearby. The college has a very active Outdoor Club that regularly takes advantage of the diverse and challenging recreational opportunities in the area.

1100 Acres of Natural Resources
Christian Context
Leadership Development
Personal Growth
Group Dynamics
Creation Care Principles
Outdoor Skills
Outdoor Program Management
Trip Leading
Adventure Training
Backyard Setting