B.S. in Ministry Leadership

The B.S. in Ministry Leadership equips Christian leaders with the knowledge, skills, and character crucial to leadership ministry positions in church and faith-based organizations. The program includes a strong biblical foundation, which contributes to a broad knowledge of the content, themes, and application of selected books of the Bible as well as basic understanding of systematic theology.
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Ministry Leadership Curriculum

Bible & Theology (Lower Level) – 18 hours

BIB 213 Hermeneutics 3 Hours
BSF 103 Foundations of Spiritual Formation 3 Hours
NTE 103 Introduction to the New Testament 3 Hours
NTE ___ New Testament Elective 3 Hours
OTE 103 Introduction to the Old Testament 3 Hours
OTE ___ Old Testament Elective 3 Hours

Humanities – 15 hours

ENG 113 Freshmen Composition I 3 Hours
ENG 123 Freshmen Composition II 3 Hours
HUM 103 Western Thought & Culture 3 Hours
COM 113 Introduction to Communication or other communication elective 3 Hours
___ ___ Literature Elective 3 Hours

Social Sciences – 12 hours

PSY ___ Psychology Elective 3 Hours
HIS ___ History Elective 3 Hours
___ ___ Social Science Elective 3 Hours
___ ___ Social Science Elective 3 Hours

Computers, Math, & Science – 9 hours

MAT ___ Math Elective 3 Hours
SCI 113 Scientific Literacy or other science elective 3 Hours
___ ___ Computer, Math, or Science Elective 3 Hours

Bible & Theology (Upper Level) – 12 Hours

THE 303 Introduction to Theology 3 Hours
THE ___ Theology Elective 3 Hours
___ ___ *Bible & Theology Elective 3 Hours
___ ___ *Bible & Theology Elective 3 Hours

*Any of the following: BIB, BMI, NTE, OTE, or THE

Ministry & Leadership Core – 12 hours

MLD 113 Foundations for Christian Ministries 3 Hours
MLD 423 History & Philosophy of Christian Education 3 Hours
MLD 453 Leadership Formation 3 Hours
MLD 463 Spiritual Formation 3 Hours

Ministry Leadership Specialization – 30 hours

MIN 233 Biblical Foundations of Leadership 3 Hours
MIN 243 The Leader As Teacher 3 Hours
MIN 313 Ministry Leadership and Society 3 Hours
MIN 323 Leadership & Management Theory 3 Hours
MIN 333 Communication for Ministry Leadership 3 Hours
MIN 343 Organizational & Administration of Christian Ministries 3 Hours
MIN 353 Small Group Leadership 3 Hours
MIN 413 Strategies for Leadership Development 3 Hours
MIN 423 Change, Conflict, & Organizational Culture 3 Hours
MIN 483 Seminar in Ministry Leadership 3 Hours

Open Electives – 18 Hours

Total Hours-126 Hours

Ministry Leadership courses are built on a strong biblical and theological base while integrating insights from the social sciences and educational technology. Students will learn the skills of small-group leadership, organization, administration, and dealing with conflict and change. Courses will also address the foundations of leadership communication, organizational culture, and societal issues.

The major includes a Christian education core of 12 credit hours that provide the student with the foundations of teaching, spiritual formation, and leadership, as well as the theoretical and philosophical basis for Christian education ministries.
While not a requirement, students are strongly encouraged to be involved in some aspect of ministry leadership (volunteer, part time, or full time) so as to provide a context for course content and assignments.
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