Course Schedule


Fall 2015: Session A 8/24-10/14
BUS493 Business Internship A McClatchy
SAO270 Service & Outreach F Champion
SAO290 Service & Outreach F Champion
BMI213 Theology of Missions F Smith
BSF103 Foundations of Spiritual Formation B Ross
BUS383 Nonprofit Law & Governance B Owens
COM113 Introduction to Communication C Wanner
ECO213 Microeconomics J Whirl
ENG113 Freshman Composition I M Weaver
ENG113 Freshman Composition I E Faucett
ENG213 World Literature A Thomas
HIS353 Church History J Morgan
HUM103 Western Thought & Culture H Samsa
LED383 Leading Organizational Change J Wiegand
MAN213 Principles of Management M Shelley
MAT113 Mathematical Modeling R Hoffman
MIN243 Leader As Teacher H Atkinson
MIN343 Organization & Administration of Christian Ministries M Carlson
MLD113 Foundations of Christian Ministries N Hyndman
MLD463 Spiritual Formation S Parker
NTE103 Introduction to the New Testament L Jenks
NTE213 Gospel of Matthew D Reese
PHY113 Introduction to Philosophy G Elkins
PSY243 Developmental Psychology A Kelley
SOC213 Introduction to Sociology E Sprowls
THE303 Introduction to Theology C Vena
TFC100 TFC Success Seminar A McClatchy
YTH263 Youth Ministry & the Family P McKinney
Fall 2015: Session B 10/19-12/10
ANT203 Cultural Anthropology J Penland
BIB213 Hermeneutics L Jenks
BSF103 Foundations of Spiritual Formation B Ross
CSC123 Applied Technology M Musick
CSG113 Introduction to Counseling E Sprowls
ENG113 Freshmen Composition I G Roach
ENG123 Freshmen Composition II M Weaver
ENG123 Freshmen Composition II E Faucett
GHY213 World Geography E Helgeland
HIS233 History of the US I B Melton
HUM103 Western Thought & Culture A Thomas
LED453 Cross Cultural Leadership C Elliott
MAN413 Human Resource Management C Hunnicutt
MAN463 Strategic Nonprofit Management J Whirl
MAT133 College Algebra S Shelton
MAT133 College Algebra S Shelton
MIN323 Leadership & Management Theory D Bennett
MIN413 Strategies for Leadership M Shelley
MIN483 Seminar in Ministry Leadership D Shepson
MKT213 Principles of Marketing N Clay
OTE103 Introduction to the Old Testament J Wanner
OTE103 Introduction to the Old Testament K Burris
OTE343 Minor Prophets K Burris
PSY113 General Psychology C Gibson
PSY113 General Psychology A Kelley
SCI113 Scientific Literacy R Gibson
SPN113 Elementary Spanish I D Penland
TFC100 TFC Success Seminar A McClatchy
THE343 Alliance Distinctives & History R Huizing
YTH363 Youth Culture & Issues M Nelson
YTH423 Youth Evangelism & Discipleship P McKinney