Youth Ministries Courses

The B.S. in Youth Ministries degree program combines a strong focus on Youth Ministries Specialization courses with Christian Education courses and 30 hours of Bible and Theology

Pre-requisites for the B.S. in Youth Ministries

Bible & Theology – 18 Hours

BIB213 Hermeneutics 3 Hours
BSF103 Foundations of Spiritual Formation 3 Hours
NTE103 Introduction to the New Testament 3 Hours
New Testament Elective 3 Hours
OTE103 Introduction to the Old Testament 3 Hours
Old Testament Elective 3 Hours

Humanities – 15 Hours

ENG113 Freshman Composition I 3 Hours
ENG123 Freshman Composition II 3 Hours
HUM103 Western Thought & Culture 3 Hours
Literature Elective 3 Hours
Communication Elective 3 Hours

Social Sciences – 12 Hours

Psychology Elective 3 Hours
History Elective 3 Hours
Social Science Elective 3 Hours
Social Science Elective 3 Hours

Computers, Math, Science – 9 Hours

Computer Science Elective 3 Hours
Math Elective 3 Hours
Science Elective 3 Hours

Open Electives -18 Hours

B.S. in Youth Ministries Major Courses

Bible & Theology – 12 Hours

SYT303 Introduction to Theology 3 Hours
Theology Elective from SYT or THE 3 Hours
6 credits of Bible/Theology Electives 6 Hours

Christian Education Core – 12 Hours

CED113 Foundations for Christian Ministries 3 Hours
CED423 History and Philosophy of Christian Education 3 Hours
CED453 Leadership Formation 3 Hours
CED463 Spiritual Formation 3 Hours

Youth Ministries Specialization – 30 Hours

YTH253 Foundations for Youth Ministry 3 Hours
YTH263 Youth Ministry & the Family 3 Hours
YTH333 Communicating to Youth 3 Hours
YTH343 Leadership & Organization of Youth Ministry 3 Hours
YTH353 Youth Ministry Skills 3 Hours
YTH363 Youth Culture & Issues 3 Hours
YTH423 Youth Evangelism & Discipleship 3 Hours
YTH443 Counseling Adolescents 3 Hours
YTH453 Youth Ministry in Cultural Contexts 3 Hours
YTH463 Seminar in Youth Ministry 3 Hours

Total Hours =126