B.B.A. In Nonprofit Business Administration

Build skills and competencies which enable you to lead and administer effective and creative nonprofit organizations. Receive real-world preparation and professional development through an Online (Internet) delivery system, available 24/7.

Nonprofit Business Administration courses prepare you for a successful career by providing opportunities to learn administration and leadership skills such as:

  • How to effectively work with volunteers and board members
  • Develop business and marketing plans
  • Understand and analyze financial statements
  • Maximize philanthropic partnerships, and
  • Be the best nonprofit administrator you can be.

There are over 2 million nonprofit organizations in the United States employing over 13 million individuals (not including volunteers). Your service to others through the nonprofit sector is vital to the Kingdom of God. Therefore, Toccoa Falls College has assembled supportive and qualified instructors with real-world experience in nonprofit organizations to assist you in preparing for the tasks ahead.

This program begins with a Biblical, foundation established in 30 hours of core Bible courses. The Bible core includes classes that cover all the books of the Old and New Testament. In survey courses, you can expect to learn the history, content, and themes of these books, as well as how you can practically apply their message to your life. You will also take at least two theology classes that explore some of the key doctrines found within the teachings of these books. Some doctrines that will be covered are humanity, sin, salvation, redemption, the Trinity, the incarnation, sanctification, and justification.

Once your Bible core has been completed, you will begin the B.B.A. in Nonprofit Business Administration major courses. These courses will prepare you to serve others in a growing number of social services, government, and nonprofit organizations such as churches, parachurch ministries, missions organizations, schools, hospitals, museums, advocacy groups, and federal, state, and local government agencies.

Our goal is to help you develop and expand your proficiencies and competencies, advance professionally within the nonprofit sector, and upon the completion of an undergraduate degree be prepared to pursue a master’s degree.