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Why pursue your music degree at TFC?

The Music Department exists to prepare Christian musicians for
career ministries in performance, teaching, church worship arts
and varied music-related vocations. You will develop and share
your God-given abilities by participation in ensembles, recitals,
concerts, service projects and ministries. Through these
experiences, the Music Department brings you into the learning process through the integration of curricular and co-curricular
activities and provides for the dynamic integration of
Faith and Learning, together with Character and Intellect. This
approach, along with the study of music theory, history, worship
music, pedagogy and performance gives you the skills to
become highly effective in your chosen field.

The Music major will equip you with knowledge, skill, and character pertinent to general music-related careers from a biblical world view for kingdom service. Flexibility is the key advantage in this degree. By completing this major you will be well-equipped for future opportunities such as community studio music teachers, music retailers, music librarians and music assistants. This includes 21 hours of electives which is enough to pick up a minor in any area that you're interested in, such as Counseling (in preparation for Music Therapy).

The Music Major (B.S.) with a Worship Arts Concentration is designed to prepare you for a career in the area of church music ministry. The courses within the concentration focus especially on new and current trends and methodologies in contemporary Christian praise and worship leadership. Skills are developed through modern instrumental methods courses (guitar, bass, drum kit, keyboards) and participation in chapel bands. Studies in this concentration also include courses in Sound/Stage Lighting, Contemporary Songwriting, Music & Worship, Administration in Music and Worship Repertoire. Recently, we had TFC Music graduate Aaron Shust here to debut his new Christmas album with choir, band and orchestra.

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  • Music
  • Pre-Ethnomusicology


The learning objectives for this program include the following:

  • Gaining factual knowledge in the areas of music history repertory and music theory.
  • Developing skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals—in the areas of Aural Skills, analysis, technology, piano/keyboard, composition, and improvisation and performance.
  • Gaining a broad understanding, appreciation or intellectual/cultural activity—The successful student will demonstrate the ability to synthesize knowledge in the area of general music and an increased understanding and appreciation for various forms and styles of music.
  • Developing a clearer understanding of, and commitment to, personal Biblical values reflecting God’s call on his or her life for service in a general music-related career.
This page is for informational purposes only and is not intended for official academic purposes. Please refer to the official college catalog for detailed information regarding all courses of study.

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