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The General Studies major is an option if you have been unable to locate a traditional major that meets your academic, professional, and/or ministry goals. In addition, this major is ideal if you have been unable to meet major requirements at a late stage of a previous program. The flexibility of this degree completion option will allow you to shape a program defined by academic rigor and personal interest.  (You will be encouraged to use your 21 hours of open electives towards a minor.)

The General Studies major takes a multidisciplinary approach to education by building a broad-based education. Although you won’t learn the skills for a particular job, you will learn how to communicate effectively, think critically, analyze information and pull together knowledge from many disciplines. These are skills you’ll need to be successful in almost any career.

The General Studies major is also available online.


The learning objectives for this major include the following:

  • Gaining factual knowledge of the history, literature, and science, etc. of Western culture.
  • Learning fundamental principles of mathematics and computers.
  • Developing skill in expressing oneself orally and in writing.
  • Learning how to find and use resources in college-level research.
  • Developing a clearer understanding of and commitment to personal biblical values.



  • Behavioral Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • French
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish

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