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TFC Eagle Club

The Eagle Club is a booster club established to offer TFC alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and any other interested parties a platform to provide support exclusively to the TFC Athletic Department. Donations will be used to meet the needs of the department as it develops and grows along with the rest of the institution. Recognized levels of donation:

Platinum (Founding Member*)
$1,000 ($83.33/month)

$500 ($41.66/month)

$250 ($20.83/month)

$100 ($8.33/month)

*Founding Members of the Eagle Club will be recognized as such for the lifetime of the club and their name will be engraved on bricks placed among paving stones in front of the Lois Delany Gymnasium.


Letter from the AD

Thanks to the support of Eagle Fans from all over the globe, the TFC Athletic Department has taken several important strides of improvement in recent months. We are grateful to have been blessed with this support and look forward to making even bigger strides toward becoming a foundational athletic department that strives not only to reach the standards of athletic, academic, and spiritual excellence, but to raise them.

Our student-athletes are now traveling in safe, comfortable, and reliable vehicles owned and leased by TFC. We are providing live-streaming of all of our home games for all sports except cross-country. We have renovated all of our locker rooms and the lobby of the Lois Delany Gymnasium.

Among the many remaining needs of the TFC Athletic Department, the most significant is a building at our outdoor sports complex. We have plans for a three-story building that will include:

  • a press box
  • public restrooms
  • a concessions area
  • team locker rooms
  • equipment storage
  • offices
  • a Presidential VIP suite

If you are already an Eagle Club member, please continue to give toward this need or other specified Athletic Department needs. If you are not a member, please join the club and help us offer TFC student-athletes the best collegiate athletic experience possible.



Jason Mehl — Athletic Director

Eagle Club Donor Gifts

$100.00 $250.00 $500.00 $1000.00
Eagle Blue Gold Platinum
TFC Window Decal X X X X
TFC Pennant X X X X
Eagle Club T-Shirt X X X X
Nike Golf dri-fit Hat X X X
TFC Polo X X
TFC Warm-up Jacket X
Founding Member Brick X