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Dale Garside
Dale Garside Office: THE 106
Extension: 5282

Associate Professor of French and Spanish

Dr. Garside served at Toccoa Falls College from 1997 to 2004; 2007 to  present. Before joining the TFC faculty, he taught French and Spanish in high schools and colleges such as: Asbury College and Emmanuel College. He was the academic dean of the School of Evangelism in Kinshasa, Zaire for over ten years and translated Evangelism Explosion materials for francophone Africa, and was the regional coordinator for central African ministries. He has also served as a missionary to France with the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society. While teaching at these various colleges, he has led man student groups on mission trips around the world. He also coached cross-country for numerous years and is currently the cross-country coach at TFC.

Dr. Garside has written many textbooks that are used to teach French to beginners and intermediate learners and have translated many works for Evangelism Explosion. He is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and can read and teach Latin, Old French, Portuguese, and Lingala (Zaire). He has also visited over 30 countries.

“Educate literally means ‘to lead out from…’ I choose to teach because I believe God has called me to lead others from a certain level of awareness, appreciation,skill and knowledge to another level of awareness, appreciation, skill, and knowledge. Indeed, mysteries are revealed in the classroom. Since I believe teaching is a vocation as well as a profession, I seek to form relationships with my students that will lead them out of a limiting, temporal focus (‘majoring in minors’) toward a liberating, eternal focus. As for the specific specialization of modern languages, I seek to ‘duct’ or channel my students from a passive, elementary, and theoretical knowledge of the target language to an active, advanced and practical skill which allows for new, international relationships. I rejoice in seeing students progress in their language skills. learning to think the way another people group thinks, and the new awareness of one’s own culture that results from the comparison. Teaching allows me to give to others what God has given me, notably modern languages. In no other profession would I be following my vocation.”

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things revealed belong to us and to our children” (Deuteronomy 20:29).

My relationship with God can be summarized as one that dwells on the revealed things found in Scripture, my conscience, and nature. I leave the secret things to God and His sovereignty and focus on what He is continually revealing to me, not at all frustrated with what I do not yet know.

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– Taft Fellowship (1987-1988), University Of Cincinnati
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Degrees Earned:  Area of Study School Attended
Ph.D. French Literature University of Cincinnati
M.A. Spanish Peninsular & Latin American Literatures University of Cincinnati
M.A. French Literature University of Cincinnati
M.A. French Civilization University of Cincinnati
M.A. French Civilization and Literature University of Paris – Sorbonne
B.S. French Shippenburg State University