BE. diversified.

The Cross-Cultural Studies major will equip you with knowledge, skill, and character pertinent to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of other cultures from a biblical worldview for kingdom service. The major contributes to an understanding of cross-cultural principles drawn from cultural anthropology and missiology; competence in the application of skills and knowledge in a specific cultural context; and comprehension of the history, theology, and strategy of Christian missions. Students use this knowledge to develop a personalized plan for language acquisition, cross-cultural ministry competence, and growth in their understanding and application of biblical principles to daily life and the disciplining of others. 



  • Church Planting and Enlargement
  • Cross-Cultural Bible Teaching and Counseling
  • Cross-Cultural TESOL
  • Discipleship
  • Sustainable Development
  • World Religion


The learning objectives for this major include the following:

  • Gaining factual knowledge of cultural issues in diverse cultures in order to be able to relate to the context (IDEA 1)
  • Learning fundamental principles, generalizations, or theories necessary to interpret the cross-cultural setting for ministry purposes (IDEA 2)
  • Learning to apply course material in cross-cultural settings to enable more effective ministry (IDEA 3)
  • Developing skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals to understand an unfamiliar cultural setting in order to establish a culturally sensitive church (IDEA 4)
  • Developing a clearer understanding of, and commitment to, personal Biblical values in order to contextualize those values into another cultural setting (IDEA 10)
  • Learning to analyze and critically judge cross-cultural realities which are valuable/not valuable in contextualizing the Gospel (IDEA 11)

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