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The Communication Department offers programs of study that emphasize both human interaction and mediated communication. With concentrations in Interpersonal & Public Communication and Mass Communication, students are given the opportunity to explore the major areas of Communication Studies.

The study of communication at Toccoa Falls College offers a broad range of training and skill development in a Christian setting. It focuses on the clear organization and expression of ideas. It also develops written and technological skills. The programs are designed to help students master the tools and techniques of effective communication in their chosen field by providing hands-on experience in an academic environment. On a deeper level, they also provide an understanding of the purposes and moral principles of communication. These programs integrate communication skills and practice with a biblically informed understanding of the Christian worldview. The combination of an understanding of foundational communication theory together with proficiency in communication provides a skill-base sufficient to pursue employment or graduate work with confidence.


Curt N. Wanner, Ph.D.

Regina M. Bailey, Ph.D.



  • Journalism
  • Leadership
  • Public Relations

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