BE. multilingual.

In the area of biblical languages, we offer up to three years of Greek or Hebrew. This is equivalent to a seminary level of proficiency in these languages. Some seminaries will accept this proficiency and admit you to advance standing.

The BIBLICAL LANGUAGES and BIBLICAL STUDIES majors work directly with the biblical texts. The former is focused on learning the original languages in order to support proper exegesis and interpretation. The latter focuses on the content and meaning of the biblical texts. Both help to produce a deeper understanding of the Bible and biblical truth. 


The learning objectives for this major include:

  • Gaining factual knowledge of biblical languages.
  • Developing specific skills in translation and interpretation needed by professionals in the field.
  • Learning to analyze and critically evaluate ideas and arguments relevant to the major and advanced biblical interpretation.



  • Bible Languages
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Religion
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