Joining a Legacy

From the TFC Athletic Director Regarding the Eagle Club

A contribution to the newly formed Eagle Club is an investment in your own legacy as well as the experience and legacy of our current student/athletes.

As Athletic Director at Toccoa Falls College, it is my mission to provide TFC student/athletes with a four-year experience of collegiate athletics that enriches their education and changes their lives for the better. In the past, the burden of providing this has been carried only by the TFC Athletic Department staff and coaches and the student/athletes themselves.

Now it is possible for you to participate in this life-changing undertaking by contributing energy and ideas, as well as finances. You will have a share of the wins and losses in the arena of play and the access to help administrators, coaches, and players insure only wins in the wider arena of life.

In addition to a gift of appreciation that corresponds with your level of giving, you will receive regular updates regarding TFC Athletics and Eagle Club events. All financial contributions will go directly into a dedicated TFC Athletics account and you will receive regular updates regarding how that money is spent. Your ideas for development and growth will come directly to me and I will consider them as I strive to continue to offer a better holistic experience for our student/athletes–future, present, and past.