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40 Day Spiritual Journey – April 6
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Day 1

Friday, April 6

(Video presented by Amy Roedding. Art work  from the National Gallery of Art

Listen to How I  Love You Jesus by Christy Nockels.

Amy Roedding, Acting Director of Spiritual Formation


Jesus we take time today to reflect on your work on the cross.  We remember how you came intentionally to this earth.  We remember how your feet kept moving toward the cross the whole time you were on this earth.  We remember that you took our sin.  We remember that you were separated from your Father on that cross. We remember that you made a away for us to be brought back to our heavenly Father.  We remember your blood that poured out and ran down.  We remember your love that now pours over our souls and into our hearts to bring healing.  Amen!