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40 Day Spiritual Journey – March 30
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Friday, March 30

Scripture for the Day: Colossians 1 

As a person whose call in life is to explain the Bible to others, I am amazed at my inability to understand much less explain so many aspects of the most crucial biblical events of the cross and resurrection.  I’ve certainly tried over the years through anything from emotional pleas to complicated theological “window dressing,” but have always fallen short in the task.

Though I have experienced the love of the God in my own life, I simply cannot understand how God loved in such a way that he would choose the cross to save sinful humanity. As a father, I cannot fathom love of the Father who sends the Son for me. As a selfish man, I cannot understand the love of the Son who dies for me. As an imperfect Christian, I cannot understand the love of the Spirit that constantly encourages me and corrects me.

Though we might not completely understand, let’s use this Easter season to marvel at the love of God and loudly proclaim the salvation offered through faith in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  Let’s love God by sharing his Word with at least one person this Easter season.

Dr. Kevin Burris, Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages; father


Thank you for your deep love for us shown by your work on the cross.  We praise you-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for communicating your love to us when we were still sinners. May we look for a chance to share your love with another this Easter Season.