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40 Day Spiritual Journey – March 24
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Day 3

Saturday, March 24

Scripture for the Day: Ephesians 6 

Years ago Amy Carmichael, who was a life-long missionary to India wrote, “The people of God never should be cast down, and yet our heavenly Father knows sometimes we are badly tempted in this way. . . . As I pondered the words from Psalm 147:6, ‘The Lord lifts up the meek,’ I was reminded that Christ’s life was triumphant, never cast down by disappointment, by weariness, by apparent failure, or even by the certainty of suffering swiftly drawing near. . . . Therefore, I know there is a lifting up through Jesus Christ!”

The darkest night for the disciples was the night of the Savior’s arrest. They had come into Jerusalem singing songs of praise and Hallelujah only to see their hopes and dreams shattered. We can only imagine that later after the crucifixion when they were alone in the darkness of the upper room, fear whispered to their hearts, “It’s over. What you believed would take place never will. Your obedience, dedication, and faithfulness to God were wasted emotions. Give up. Give in. Go back to your former way of life.” How lonely and confusing that night must have been for that small band of followers.

If redemption’s story ended at this point, it would have been a sorrowful tragedy. But it didn’t. Death was swallowed up in victory. The stone was rolled away. Jesus Christ rose from the grave. There was and there is a lifting up for each one of us. We are saved by faith through Him who gave His life for us. But we are lifted up daily by the very One, who could never be cast down.

Angie Ramage, Director for Marketing and Communications


Father, thank you that when I roll my problems and fears over on to you, I am lifted up by the power—the resurrection power—that lifted up Jesus Christ on that first Easter morning. I can sing Hallelujah because the grave is empty and my Savior lives.