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40 Day Spiritual Journey – March 21
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Wednesday, March 21

Scripture for the Day: Ephesians 3 

The Christian life is the pursuit of the highest Good.  What might be counter-intuitive is the posture the believer must assume in pursuit of that goal.  As Soren Kierkegaard suggested the believer must be positioned downward.  In other words, the believer must lower himself or herself to attain a greater understanding of that highest Good.  The journey to know God, and thus reach incalculable heights, consists of going down.  This is Kingdom geography; go down to get up.

In Philippians 2 Paul writes that Christ emptied himself.   The Greek term that is translated “emptied” is kenosis.  It has produced a significant amount of discussion over the past two thousand years.  A fundamental question is “what did Christ empty himself of?”  Suggestions have included his power, his foreknowledge, his divinity.  None of those answers the question because Christ did not empty himself of anything; he emptied himself.  He poured himself out as drink offering for the atonement of the sin of others.  He who is the author of all life emptied himself and became obedient to death.  He who is the creator of all things emptied himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross!  He who is the eternal Word emptied himself and burst into the temporal world.  He who was exalted, emptied himself that he might be made low so that he could seek and save those who were lost.

If we are to be his people and work for his Kingdom, we too must empty ourselves.  We must empty ourselves so that we might see others.  We must empty ourselves so that we might love others.  We must empty ourselves so we might know Christ.  We must turn ourselves downward and pour ourselves out so that we might live forever in the eternal heights.  For he who emptied himself was exalted and given all authority and he prepares a home for those who will follow his downward path.

Curt Wanner, Communication Department Chair; Assistant Professor of Communication



Why do I struggle against this emptying that you have asked your disciples to be a part of for the kingdom’s sake? This season of Lent may I truly be able to follow your example and turn downwards so I can be filled with you.