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40 Day Spiritual Journey – March 15
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Day 5

Thursday, March 15

Scripture for the Day: Galatians 4  

Sometimes as Christians, we have the unspoken expectation that our lives will be easy and that our yokes will be light but we forget that we are called to carry our cross daily.  Being in the will of God means that God is for us and not against us. This, however, does not mean that all of our enemies are eliminated. If anything, being in the will of God provokes others to oppose us. Jesus, who was perfect and who was perfectly in the will of God, lived anything but a “peaceful” and “easy” life. Being in the perfect will of God led Him to be crucified on the cross.

The perfect will of the Father was for Jesus, to be mocked and hung on a tree for the sins of His beloved creation. Often, we focus on what Jesus did on the cross and how He rose again in three days, but we neglect to look at His life prior to the crucifixion. Jesus, in all His perfection, sweat his blood in the Garden of Gethsemane before being betrayed – this shows that being in the will of the Father does not always yield a “peace of mind.” At times, being in the perfect will of God requires us to sacrifice our comfortable lives just as Jesus sacrificed His entire life. We can say that “God knows what is best for my life,” as often as we want, but until we carry our cross daily and sacrifice our lives at the feet of the cross, it is simply just another quote. Live as Jesus did and be willing to sacrifice as Jesus did.

Rachel Nguyen, Spiritual Life Coordinator; Business Major


Lord, may I carry my cross today.  May I be willing to suffer for your name. May I be willing to lay down my will for yours.  What is there in my life that you are asking me to sacrifice for you? Show me and help me to lay it at the foot of the cross. Amen.