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40 Day Spiritual Journey – March 12
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Day 2

Monday, March 12

Scripture for the Day: Galatians 1

Most of us have experienced the death of someone close to us.  Even if we believe we will be reunited again in the Hereafter, the concept of never sharing another Christmas, never sharing another common meal, never having another conversation, or never being able to pick up the phone to call someone who is such an important part of our lives gives us more than enough reason to grieve their absence.  Life will go on without them, but that life will be different, sometimes drastically different…

I’m not sure we can ever fathom what emotional whiplash the followers of Jesus were experiencing when their Master, who just hit the top of Jerusalem’s popularity charts a week before at His triumphal entry, was suddenly arrested, severely beaten and killed all in about fifteen hours.  “What just happened? Am I dreaming? I thought…I thought Jesus was going to…SAVE US…I thought He was our new King!”  Their realities changed in an instant.  They were leaderless and alone.  When dramatic things occur in our lives, we can cover the thousands of steps that will now have to be taken, just in the first few minutes.  Think about what the disciples must have tearfully agonized over in those thirty-nine hours after Jesus died.

Then the confusing, unbelievable news came, “I just saw Jesus and…you’re not going to believe me, but just go with me here…He’s not dead any longer.”  I can imagine my heart stopping when I actually saw my Hero, who was just pulverized, standing before me glorified, no worse for the wear, smiling at me.   Over the next forty days, I imagine the Risen Lord spoke in fewer parables to his followers, but around campfires and over meals He explained to them how His death and resurrection fulfilled the Old Testament prophesies, how love’s redeeming work was done, how He fought the fight and The Battle was now won, how He opened Paradise, how He died to save our souls and how our sins are now forgiven!

If none of that was true and Jesus is still dead, every one of the disciples were incomprehensibly committed to die horrible deaths to defend the lie they concocted.  We don’t live with the memory of a great leader.  Jesus is not dead.  Our King is alive and well today.

Excerpt from This is What We Believe, Deluxe Edition (Used by permission)

Aaron Shust, Singer/Songwriter, TFC Alum, 2003


Thank you for dying to save and forgive us. Help us to view your resurrection with the joy that your disciples felt. The battle is won, Paradise is open to us and you are alive. We lift our praise to you!