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40 Day Spiritual Journey – March 7
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Wednesday, March 7

Scripture for the Day: Romans 13

Yellow and pink, sugar coated marshmallow bunnies. Peeps! Jellybeans, chocolate candy, white lilies and yellow daffodils; an early morning sunrise service, putting on a new dress or new tie. Easter generates various images. It is a special time for many. For others it is just another day, another time of year, nothing special or significant.

However, for those of us who have been drawn to the Resurrected One, the resurrection of Christ is a big deal! It does matter and it is significant! Christ is raised! Preaching is effective! Faith is secure! We are true witnesses of God. We have been rescued out of sin. Death is destroyed. We will be raised alive from our death. We are hopeful. Christ is over all.

Does the resurrection of Christ matter? Yes, indeed it matters! Rejoice in victory. Receive mercy. Rest in hope. “Death has been swallowed up in victory.” We, who believe, have been given victory through the resurrected Christ. Easter. The resurrection of Christ – it is a big deal. Rejoice, Christ the Lord is Risen! Read and reflect upon 1 Corinthians 15!! Sugar coated marshmallow bunnies…Really?

Dr. Jarvis Crosby, Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies & TESOL


I want to rejoice today in your victory on the cross. I want to remember and receive your mercy.  I want to rest in the hope you have given us by conquering death and sin.  I want to sing halleluiah. Amen.