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40 Day Spiritual Journey – March 6
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Day 2

Tuesday, March 6

Scripture for the Day: Romans 12 

Jesus’ last word as He died on the cross is translated: “All is finished.” [John 19:30]. According to the late D. James Kennedy, that translated expression is from one Greek word “Tetelestai.” The Greek word has a commercial meaning as well:  The debt is paid; the exchange has been made; the deal is done.  Among other views, Jesus’ death is a great and final transaction for all of us who have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We could not pull ourselves out of our sin any more than a drowning man can pull himself out of surrounding water by yanking on his own hair. When we could not save  ourselves, Jesus came and rescued us. The Father saw our plight from heaven above.  Jesus came and pulled us out of the sin engulfing us. We are now secure in His hand, safe with our Life-Guard. We were saved from our own inabilities through His glorious, miraculous, and atoning intervention. No other human being could pull us from our sins for “all have sinned.” [Romans 3:23] Only Jesus-the Sinless God/Man, the Sacrificial Lamb/Priest-could enter the Holy of Holies, thereby covering the altar with His infinitely valuable blood, thereby covering all of humanity’s transgressions-past, present, and future-if we only repent and believe in our Savior.

Dr. Dale Garside, Professor of French and Spanish


Thank you, dear Savior, for paying my debt and keeping me secure in your hand.