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40 Day Spiritual Journey – February 28
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Day 1

Tuesday, February 28

Scripture for the Day: Romans 6

The New Testament tells believers this:  by virtue of our faith in Christ, our life is now characterized by death and resurrection.  All of us who have been baptized in Christ Jesus have been baptized into His death (Ro. 6.3).  At the same time, we’ve been identified with His resurrection:  “even so, consider yourselves to be dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus”(Ro. 6.11).  Positionally, God has arranged that we live in the benefits of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Practically, how does that do us any good, how do we apply it?  (1) Day by day, we take up our cross and follow Christ.  We say a decisive “no” to sin and flesh.  (2)  Day by day, we are filled with the Spirit—the One who has brought us resurrection life.   In this way, we constantly move from death to the old, to life in the new.  The more we practice this, the more effective we become in saying “no” to sin, death and the devil and “yes” to the Spirit, life and righteousness.  The basis is that God has arranged this for us.  He has identified us with His Son in His death and resurrection.   This is His grace, poured out on us in Christ!

David Shores, Pastor of Campus Community Church

I want to follow you Jesus and take up my cross. I want to say no, to what my sinful nature craves. I want to say yes to the Spirit and live.