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40 Day Spiritual Journey – February 24
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Day 4

Friday, February 24

Scripture for the Day: Romans 3

Richard was a 9 year old repeating third grade.  He knew he did not read as well as his previous and current classmates.  His lack of confidence made him dread this new school year.  His new teacher paired him with a “buddy” from the fifth grade named Max.  His new buddy came to class twice a week to spend time reading with him.  Richard enjoyed working with Max and Richard wanted to be just like Max.  One day Mrs. Rodgers came to Richard and said, “Mr. Jackson from kindergarten in looking for someone to come and read to his class.  I was thinking that maybe you would like to do that.  What do you think?”  Richard’s teacher held a book out to him and he looked back at her with amazement.  “Me!” he thought, “I can’t read.”  When Max came the next week, Richard could not wait to tell him the news.  The two took turns reading the book again and again.  At the end of the week, Mrs. Rodgers said Richard would be going to the kindergarten class next Tuesday.  Richard and Max had one more chance to practice reading the book before Richard was sent to the younger grade level.  Tuesday afternoon, Richard clutched the book and took a deep breath as he opened the door to Mr. Jackson’s class.  About a half hour later Mrs. Rodgers watched Richard walk back into the classroom with a new sense of determination as he exclaimed, “They said I was a good reader and they want me to come back!”  A transformation was evident in Richard from that day forward.  As we accept the “incomparable riches of [God’s] grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus [through the work on the cross]” (Eph. 2:6) our lives are transformed and we are never the same again.

Dr. Donna Gardner, Chair, Teacher Education Department; Professor of Teacher Education


The transformation you work in us is beyond our understanding.  Thank you that through the power of the cross and your resurrection, we can be new creatures. We are humbled by your kindness toward us. Amen