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Dr. You Ju Lee, a celebrated pianist!
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“A stormy applause for pianist You Ju Lee and others at the finale of the Summer Concert Academy,” reads the caption of an Austrian newspaper last summer. The article entitled, “Classical Enjoyment in the Neighborhood” describes the prestigious contribution of visiting classical musicians to the summer culture of the city.

The annual orchestra performance of Vienna in the larger European concert season included Dr. You Ju Lee of Toccoa Falls College. The Associate Professor of Music is a globally celebrated pianist who is no stranger to the European concert scene and to Carnegie Hall in New York City. There were twelve pianists and six string performers from around the world participating in the academy by invitation. “They ask and answer one another in tones. They participate together harmoniously and inspire one another.” Through the “full-bodied” concert series, the academy visitors play the works of Mozart across a fuller spectrum to “look deeper into the music and try to understand the works.”

The Summer Academy offers the rare combination of classical and romantic style with its various forms of experience. The College’s own Dr. Lee contributed to the innovative “avoidance of the regular routine of the music while preserving a professional level of performance.” Initiator and concert master Paul Trein declared, “We are very satisfied with the visit.” Toccoa Falls College is equally satisfied and proud of one of its own music professors.