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Living Young and Wild
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This week, the Toccoa Falls College campus welcomed back hundreds of students for the spring semester but one among them did not return.

Elijah Smith, a junior at TFC majoring in Early Childhood Education will be taking the semester off to be a part of the Young and Wild Expedition 2013, hosted by the non-profit organization called the Young Philanthropists. This is a World-Record attempt cycling expedition and will take the riders from Jacksonville, Florida to Seattle, Washington, via San Diego, California. This committed group will be riding for about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Over the course of this 7,000-mile journey, the group of riders will be participating in community service projects, engaging in public speaking, and studying a classics-based curriculum based on the five core areas of Rhetoric, Public Speaking, English, Religion, and Leadership. The Young Philanthropists seek to use adventure to mentor young people and raise money and awareness for impoverished communities in the United States and around the world.

Elijah said, “It’s my belief that there is an element of beauty and wonder in many of life’s basic experiences that many people rarely ever discover or enjoy. Through this experience, I hope to gain a deeper appreciation for the people and encounters life will bring me. I hope to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically, and to use this adventurous lifestyle and mindset I will be immersed in on this trip to further develop my passion to live for Christ.”

Elijah and the group of seven over members have already begun this exciting journey on January 6, 2013. Remember to pray for their expedition and the work that God will do through them.

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