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World Outreach Conference scheduled Feb 4-6
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The Toccoa Falls College World Outreach Conference 2013 is scheduled for February 4-6. This year’s speaker is Jason Ostrander, a well-known national youth speaker.

Jason Ostrander is currently serving as the Youth Ministry Business Leader at Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado. From 2008 to 2012, he served as Director for Youth Ministries and Envision Culture for The Christian and Missionary Alliance. He is a dynamically powerful biblical expositor who challenges and encourages the current generation to envision and carry out their part of global ministry for Christ.

Jason received his B.A. from Cedarville University in Philosophy and M.C.S. from The University of British Columbia in Film and Theology. He began serving with the Alliance in 2001 as an Assistant Pastor/Youth Pastor. He is married to Calu and has two boys, Liam and Jams.

The World Outreach Conference will be held in Grace Chapel and Performing Arts Center on the Toccoa Falls College campus. The public is invited to attend on Monday, February 4 and Tuesday, February 5 at 10:00am and 6:30pm and Wednesday, February 6 at 10:00am.

There will be representatives here on campus from over 25 different organizations that promote global ministry including SIM, Rainbows of Hope, OMF, Global Outreach, International Schools, ELIC, Friends of Refugees, Operation Mobilization, IncaLink, and many others.

We will also have the Unreached Wall on campus this year in the gym on Tuesday, February 5. The Unreached Wall is a series of 27 black vinyl panels displaying the names of nearly 7,000 Unreached People Groups around the world. The Unreached Wall made its debut appearance at the National Missionary Convention (NMC) or the International Convention on Missions (ICOM) in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2011. The Unreached Wall can be viewed in the gym following the morning chapel service at 11am or at the 4pm service.

To view a schedule of the conference, visit this link: World Outreach Conference Schedule