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TFC Students “Empower” Toccoa
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On Saturday, November 17, Toccoa Falls College students filled up vans and traveled into the Toccoa community at 11:00 in the morning to hand out turkeys and host a block party. This event is called “Empower” and is a long-running tradition that the school holds. It is a way for the students attending TFC to show the community the love of Christ through service and giving. Turkeys were handed out to the community, food was served, and a multitude of activities took place at this event.

Whitney Conaway, the Community Projects leader for TFC’s Student Government Association, said, “500 turkeys were distributed to families in need. These turkeys were purchased through the local food bank as well as Quality Foods. LEAD, a local student ministry that trains young women through caring for horses, provided wonderful entertainment through a horse show. TFC students sang short concerts, hamburgers and hotdogs were enjoyed by all, and a bouncy house provided endless entertainment for the children. Campus Community Church also supported the cause immensely through providing baked goods and a petting zoo. Our goal was to meet the heart need of the people through their felt need, and I would deem the event as exactly that.”