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The Toccoa Falls Alumni Association is managed by a Board of Directors selected by and from the alumni general membership. The Board of Directors meets several times throughout the year to plan programs and coordinate affairs of the Alumni Association. All members of the Alumni Association are entitled to a wide range of benefits and services offered by Toccoa Falls College and the Alumni Office.

The Alumni Association maintains a lifelong connection between its members and their alma mater. Part of the continuing process of strengthening the association is seeking ways to develop and maintain effective communication and involvement with current alumni and future alumni (current students) to not only engage them in the life and work of the college but also to become involved in local communities for purposes of becoming effective “ambassadors” of the college.

It should be known that the life of the Alumni Association is its members. It’s the members who give an association life, and it’s the commitment from the Alumni Staff to provide the best programs and events to garner that “life” and foster growth and strength.

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