How do I reconcile my account?

Students must reconcile all charges not covered by financial aid (federal loans, federal and state grants, TFC grants and scholarships, not including work-study) no later than the payment deadline for the semester. Students can reconcile their account balances by paying the balance in full via cash, check, echeck, credit card or registering for the NELNET payment plan. There will be a $50.00 late payment fee assessed on accounts of previously enrolled students not reconciled by the payment deadline for the appropriate semester. The college charges a $50.00 late registration fee to students who register after the Registration period for the appropriate semester. Here are three easy steps to help you reconcile your student account.

  • complete the FAFSA via www.fafsa.ed.gov early and before the financial aid priority deadline;
  • receive and accept the awards on your Financial Aid Award Letter; and
  • pay the balance due, if applicable.

How do I view my student account balance online?

  • once you have created your semester schedule sign into ‘myTFC’;
  • click on Registration Services (blue menu area on left margin);
  • click on Registration;
  • click on the appropriate term for balance information;
  • once balance is displayed you can make payment, if applicable; and
  • Click on www.tfc.edu/makepayment

When is my semester balance due?

Payment deadlines

Summer I & II – May 1st
Fall – August 1st
Spring – December 15th

How do I make a payment?

  • Payment options are echeck, credit card or the Nelnet Monthly Payment Plan found on our payment page

How do I receive a book voucher?

  • If you have a credit balance in your student account you will be notified via your TFC e-mail address of your ‘voucher ID’ with instructions on how to purchase your books against your credit balance from MBS Direct, our online bookstore. Voucher emails are sent 14 days before the term begins.

How do I request a refund?

  • Students with a credit balance on their account can request a refund from the Office of Student Accounts. Students must submit all requests electronically through myTFC by noon on Tuesday. Refund checks will be mailed or placed in the students P.O. Box after 11:00 a.m. on Friday of that week. The college will not issue refunds to students until all charges have been posted and paid and a credit balance shows on the account.

What happens to my account if I withdraw?

There is no refund, in whole or part, on all fees, including the student fee and music fees, as well as room charges for students who withdraw after the end of the drop/add period. A withdrawal fee of $100.00 will be charged to students withdrawing during the drop/add period. TFC disburses tuition and board refunds for students who completely withdraw or the college dismisses according to the portion of the semester already completed.

The following table outlines the refund entitled on tuition and board charges, as well as the amount of institutional aid or employee tuition benefits, refunded back to the college, for the fall and spring semesters on or before the date published below:

Spring 2013 Semester Fall 2013 Semester
January 25th 100% refund
February 8th 80% refund
February 22nd 70% refund
March 1st 60% refund
March 15th 50% refund
March 22nd 40% refund
August 30th 100% refund
September 13th 80% refund
September 27th 60% refund
October 4th 70% refund
October 18th 50% refund
October 25th 40% refund

 Withdrawal Timeline for Online Session (Winterim, Summer)

The following table outlines the refund entitled on tuition charges, as well as employee tuition benefits refunded back to the college, for the summer session based on the date of withdrawal:

By the end of day two 100% refund
By the end of day four 80% refund
By the end of day six 70% refund
By the end of day eight 60% refund
By the end of day ten 50% refund
By the end of day twelve 40% refund
After the end of day twelve no refund

A withdrawing student must obtain a Withdrawal Form from the Office of Student Development and personally process it through the offices listed on that form. The official withdrawal date is the date the student signs the withdrawal form when the student initiates the withdrawal process. The withdrawal form must be completed and returned within two business days for the withdrawal date to be effective.

If I have questions regarding my statement or anything related to my charges/credits who do I contact?

Tax 1098T forms?

  • Toccoa Falls College does provide 1098T’s to all eligible students in January by a third party provider called ECSI. The 1098T’s are mailed to the address that the Registrar’s Office has on file for the student. Go to www.ecsi.net/1098T for more information on how to access information regarding your 1098T. Students can reach ECSI via phone at their toll-free number 1-866-428-1098.The student does need to provide to their tax preparer the eligible dollar amounts. We regret that we are not authorized to answer specific tax questions. As we find web sites or information from other sources you may find useful, we will post them here.