Alternative Loans

Students consider alternative loans for the following reasons: student has borrowed the maximum federal direct loan amount for the award year, enrolled for less than 6 hours, parent plus loan denial, unexpected costs, or need additional funds to complete a term or graduate.  Typically, alternative loans have higher interest rates than Federal Direct Student Loans and sometimes require a minimum payment of interest while in school. Good financial credit and a loan co-signer are usually required. Students attending Toccoa Falls College should consider Federal Direct Loans before considering alternative loans. The college has no involvement in applying for or obtaining alternative loans for students.  Once the student has applied for an alternative loan through a loan lender, the lender will then ask TFC to certify the loan.

TFC uses a third party service, Great Lakes FASTChoice, to access the alternative loan lender list.  Below is a link to a list of  established lenders for consideration, that offer excellent service and competitive borrower benefits. Toccoa Falls College does not endorse any specific provider of loans. Applying for an alternative loan is completely a student’s choice. Toccoa Falls College cannot vouch for the accuracy of the lender information in the Great Lakes FASTChoice website, because it is subject to change. It is important that student’s read and understand all the loan regulations, fees, interest rates, benefits, and financial options prior to accepting any alternative loan.

Students are not required to use any of the lenders in the Great Lakes FASTChoice list. If you wish to borrow from another lender that is not on FASTChoice, please send an email to and place the words ALTERNATIVE LOAN CHOICE in the subject line of your email.  If you choose a lender from the list below and desire more specific information, we encourage you to access each lender’s website. Once you have decided on a lender, simply follow the application guidelines that correspond to that lender. These lenders disburse loan funds electronically to the school, which allows us to post your loan funds directly to your student account in a timely manner.

For additional guidance on this or other relate financial aid matters, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 706-886-7299 ext. 5435.

Click on the link below to access the alternative loan lender list at the Great Lakes FASTChoice website.

FASTChoice link