Admissions Team: Nate Bowen

Nate Bowen’s Admissions Team

Nate Bowen: Senior Admissions Counselor

From: Fayetteville, GA

Degree: Early Childhood Education

Some things you enjoy are:

Sports, Hiking, Traveling, and long walks on the beach

What do you do as a Senior Admissions Counselor:

I travel the southeast region to recruit future students for Toccoa Falls College. I enjoy working with students during the enrollment process and helping them with Financial Aid and Scholarship opportunities.

Advice for Incoming Students:

Don’t allow other individuals to influence you on your college decision. Make sure your ears are open for God’s voice, and he will give you the peace about the college you are choosing to attend.

Contact Information:


Your Phone Extension: 5378

Facebook: Nate Bowen:

Twitter: @Nateb_TFC




Gabrielle Torre: Student Counselor 

Where are you from: Cumming, GA

Year: Junior

Intended Major: Interpersonal Communications

Why did you choose TFC? I found TFC through a general internet search, visiting, and then doing online dual enrollment with TFC. I knew I wanted a small school, and TFC seemed like the perfect fit for me.

What do you love the most about TFC? Like most everyone says, the community here is like none else. When I visited for the first time, my Junior year, I was confronted by two volleyball girls who tried to recruit me for the team. That weekend, they then went on to share their testimonies and were very willing to talk and welcome me even though they had no idea who I was. Now that I attend TFC, I have recognized that all of the students are still welcoming. Not only are the students personable, the professors all want to see the students succeed and will help you grow in all areas.

Contact Information: Gabrielle Torre     


Your Phone Extension: 5393          





Donovan Smith: Student Counselor

Where are you from: Cumming, GA

Year: Sophomore

Intended Major: Biblical Interpretation

Why did you choose TFC?

I was looking for a college that cared about academic success as well as spiritual growth. Since I feel a calling to be a pastor, this is extremely important to me. I looked at a bunch of colleges, and none of them emphasized this as much as TFC does.

What do you love the most about TFC?

I really love the atmosphere. Because of this size, you really get to know most of the students and staff. If that were not enough, the professors genuinely care about the students. It is refreshing to go to a college that has such a God-centered environment.

Contact Information:


Your Phone Extension: 5389