Counseling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology Department prepares men and women for service within the community, the church, and the family through the ministry of counseling.  We combine the concepts of psychology and the skills of counseling within the principles of scripture and then integrate them into practical application. The integration of one’s faith into the workplace is a challenge for all Christians, but especially for counselors who are sought out by those seeking personal changes. The Counseling faculty represents varied disciplines with a combined 102 years of counseling and teaching experience in a variety of settings. Those disciplines include a counseling psychologist, an adventure-based counselor, a pastoral counselor and two licensed professional counselors, one of whom specializes in human sexuality and gender identity issues.


R.E. (2007): Serving in ministry is an incredible opportunity. I have to be highly organized, effective, and compassionate or else I won’t last. At times my identity is based on performance and not in Christ; when this happens I am set up to struggle and for potential failure. Fortunately, Christ has taught me the importance of surrender. I was so blessed by you and your staff for helping me figure some of these things out. The TFC Counseling Department set a standard in my life of service, responsibility, and excellence. Thank you for responding to God’s call on your life, and thank you for who you are.

C.L. (2008): One of the biggest reasons for this letter is to testify to just how great of a job the TFC counseling classes did in preparing me for grad school. The first week of school, everyone was suffering from syllabus shock… except me. The reason for this was because I recognized nearly all of the homework assignments! We have to be videotaped counseling one of our classmates, do a biopsychosocial assessment, lead a group counseling session, write an Annotated Bibliography, write Progress Notes, conduct a research project . . . I felt so prepared! Tell the Counseling students that they should be glad they are doing the projects that you assign them because they will see them again in the future . . . oh, and also tell them to be really grounded on the issues of conservatism and liberalism as well as Biblical truths because the fields of counseling/psychology deal primarily with moral and ethical issues.



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