Words from Graduates

We believe that the best confirmation of an excellent program is that which is evidenced in the lives of students before and after graduation from that program. The following statements are from actual students who graduated from the Communication Department and know that their choice to major in communication was invaluable for their future.

I graduated from the Department of Communication in May of 2009. Choosing a degree in Communication was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I grew incredibly as a person, a professional and a Christian. I have pursued further education at a state university since graduation and found myself very solidly prepared in academics. The hands-on opportunities from this department (such as the practicum and internship) also gave me solid resume experience that impressed my potential employers and put me a step ahead of other recent college graduates. The program is challenging, but well worth the hard work, and I developed really good friendships with my peers and professors. I also learned more about authentic faith and freedom in Christ in my time with this department than I ever had before. You will be able to use your studies here in any professional, ministry, or personal context – this major is a great choice!
– Recent Graduate

So much of my growth as a person is due to the Comm. Department. Pursuing a major in the IPC concentration challenged me to become more self-aware and increasingly conscious of several aspects of communication. My major-though applied at my current job-is in no way exclusive to the professional world. Somewhere throughout my four years, the concepts and frameworks I was being challenged with in the classroom became an integral part of me. I know that often, without realizing it, I am putting into practice so much that I learned through my time in the Comm. Department. I would not trade the lessons I learned, the friendships I made or the experience of being a commie for anything. The IPC major opens up a door of challenges and exciting opportunities; it is applicable to the everyday truly proving itself to be a life major.
– Danielle, Inside Sales Representative, Graduated May 2009

Academically, the communication program was excellent. Many of the courses incorporated a professional project or presentation similar to one we would encounter in real-life careers, such as auditing a business or preparing and presenting a public relations campaign. However, what I learned most from my major was how to conduct myself as a Christian professional. My professors focused on us as individuals – on learning our skills, our natural tendencies, how we communicate and how we handle stressful situations. Through various exercises and discussions, my professors and classmates pruned out habits that were unconstructive and focused on my strengths to enable me to implement productive job skills in a healthy lifestyle.
 Recent Graduate