Whether you are looking for a career in law, government, writing, radio, film, advertising or politics, chances are the Communication Studies degree is the right choice to prepare you. The following careers are just some of the many communication-related potential employment opportunities in the professional world.

Radio/Film/Television/Journalism College/University
broadcasting floor manager director of admissions
radio talk show host college admissions counselor
radio news director counselor university specialist
film director student services director
film marketing student activities director
script writer international students coordinator
media critic college recruiter
disc jockey college dean
television reporter alumni coordinator
television producer
broadcasting production supervisor Government
news anchor government press secretary
sports publicist government lobbyist
sports marketer government relations officer
sports announcer political analyst and campaign director
gallery manager/owner legislative correspondent
editor legislative assistant
newspaper publisher Law
webmaster paralegal
publications editor lawyer
production assistant
Communication Expert
Human Resources/Public Relations/Marketing/Advertising community college speech instructor
marketing product manager communication researcher
marketing communication manager communication consultant
intercultural communication consultant motivational speaker
international program coordinator speechwriter
copywriter communication trainer
public relations coordinator telecommunications specialist
employment interviewer multicultural specialist
advertising executive
human resource manager
human resources specialist
company spokesperson
Arts and Entertainment/Travel
gallery manager/owner
fashion merchandiser
events planner
wedding consultant
arts administrator
tour guide
travel/conference manager
museum curator
hotel manager
special events coordinator
camp director
theater manager
recreational coordinator and specialist