Biblical Studies Major

Bible & Theology Department

The major in Biblical Studies is uniquely designed to serve as a secondary major for students wishing to double major outside of their primary discipline. It builds upon courses already taken to satisfy the 30-hour Bible and Theology core for all programs, and enables students to increase their focus on biblical and theological studies. This major is only available for students with a primary major outside of the Bible & Theology department, and only as a secondary major.

** Please note: This program description is for students entering Toccoa Falls College in the 2013-2014 catalog year.


BIB 213 Hermeneutics
BSF 103 Foundations of Spiritual Formation
NTE 103 Introduction to the New Testament
OTE 103 Introduction to the Old Testament
THE 303 Introduction to Theology
THE 423 Critical Issues in Theology
6 hours 300- or 400- level New Testament Electives
6 hours 300- or 400-level Old Testament Electives
3 hours 300- or 400-level Theology Elective
3 hours 300- or 400-level Elective from BIB, BMI, GRK, HEB, NTE, OTE, or THE