Declaring Majors & Minors


The college encourages students to declare a major after successful completion of 12 credit hours. Transfer students who have previously earned 12 credit hours may declare a major immediately, subject to School requirements. Students can obtain an application from the Registrar’s Office. Students must complete at least 50 percent of major course hours in residence at Toccoa Falls College.


Students who choose to complete two majors, each offered by a different School, must complete the requirements of both programs. Students must decide which of the two majors will be their primary major. Students retain their advisor for the primary major, but also meet with an advisor of their choice in the School sponsoring the second major.

  • A minimum of an additional 30 semester hours must be completed for the second degree. Students must complete all program requirements for the major.
  • A second Bachelor’s Degree must be awarded in a different academic year and commencement program from the first.
  • The college will award no more than two Bachelor’s Degrees to an individual.

The following academic schools do not allow for double majoring within their school: Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, Christian Education, Counseling, and World Missions. Students in the School of Bible & Theology or School of Communication may double major within the school provided they fully meet the degree requirements for both majors. The School of Teacher Education does not allow double majoring within the School. However, students can be certified in more than one field by completing the Post Baccalaureate Checklist of courses for the second area of certification.

Student must fulfill all catalog and School of Music Handbook requirements for each program to double major between Church Music and Music Performance. By meeting over-lapping requirements in the core curriculum, Bible, and music coursework, students will fulfill requirements for each program. Non-overlapping requirements such as platforms, recitals, piano proficiency, and non-mutual coursework must be met individually. Students should consult with the private applied teacher(s), the advisor, and the School Director to ascertain precise platform, proficiency, recital, and coursework requirements. Students are not permitted to double major across degrees offered by the School of Music (B.A., B.S., B.M.).


The college encourages students to declare one or more minors in an area of secondary interest to the student. Students can obtain a declaration of minor form in the Registrar’s Office. Students must complete at least 50 percent of minor course hours in residence at Toccoa Falls College.